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LinkedIn Dos and Don'ts for New Users

LinkedIn is one the most powerful and meaningful social networks to-date. irst and foremost, LinkedIn is the second place most employers look for job candidates before posting open positions. (1st place: Network.) Most open positions never get posted online because recruiters and employers alike use their networks to find potential candidates. The point is to use LinkedIn to build upon your physical network. Make it a point to connect with friends, colleagues, past employers and mentors.

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7 Ways You Can Use Your LinkedIn Profile in 2017

Sis, stop playing and add all of your old professors on LinkedIn. Professors know the industry and are often connected to industry professionals near and far. Adding old colleagues and professors opens you up to their network without you having to say much. Someone might consider you for a position just based on the mere fact that you're connected to one of their fav college professors.

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