How to Quadruple Your Pinterest Following in 1 Month

How to Quadruple Your Pinterest Following in 1 Month

Are you ready to grow your Pinterest following? I want to help you get there! Pinterest is easily becoming one of my favorite social networks. You can share a ton of content within 20 minutes without being spammy and you can re-pin without being obnoxious. Before we get into all of that I am going to teach you how to quadruple your Pinterest following in 1 month. 

Pin More Strategically
This tip is first because it is the most important. You have to be active on Pinterest to actually see growth. I wasn't seeing growth until I decided to pin at least 3 times per day. I pin for a couple of minutes when I first wake up, midday and again before bed. Pinning at a variety of times gives me the power to interact with multiple types of Pinterest users. My following often grows over night, so I try to make sure to pin more during the evening than during the day. This might not be the case for you. Try it out.

Organize Your Boards
Make your boards make sense for your audience + yourself, but mostly your audience. I target Black women ages 20 to 25 living in Missouri, so I created boards that cater to their interests. See below. My most pinned images are pictures of nails and blogging tips. I love style, so I have a ton of style related boards too. You cannot just pin what other people want to see because you will lose interests in the site. Make it worth your while, but keep it cute and organized. 70% of your content should cater to your audience. For example, a 30 year-old fitness expert could pin workouts, healthy recipes, workout clothes, low calorie alcoholic beverages, and beauty tips. If someone is interested in looking great, they probably have interests in beauty products and fitness. Think of your reader holistically. 

Follow active pinners
You can only get so far on your own merit. Make sure you are connecting with pinners who are active + sharing engaging content. Find the experts in your industry and follow them. I like to follow my competition to keep an eye on their content and share their pins. You share the same audience as your competition, so use Pinterest as a platform to collaborate. Create a board full of bloggers in your niche then invite them to collaborate. This is a quick and easy way to grow with little effort. Look at your competition as a neighbor in the grand scheme of things. 

Thanks for reading. What's your name on Pinterest? I want to connect with you. Leave your username below and share this post with your friends. If it helped you please tap the heart below.