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Jasmine Diane is a blog teaching millennial women of color how to win at life through social media. 

I, Jasmine Cooper, am at this awkward stage in adulthood where I'm older than the college kids, but not quite "grown" enough for the established crowd. This blog is where I share my expertise, struggles, victories and outfit photos. You'll find me tied to my iPhone, dancing, at my ah-mazing church or talking somebody's ear off. My current obsessions include shoe shopping and trips to Sephora.

I started blogging in November 2012 during Thanksgiving Break from the University of Missouri. I've been booked to my laptop ever since. Honestly, I want you to read my blog and feel empowered to shine in your own lane. I'm no expert on living, but I do love my life. By day I work at an international advertising agency as a social media manager. I've worked for big brands like Dairy Queen, Food Saver, Steven G. Photography, Aspire TV and EXPRESS. Here are some of the amazing brands I've collaborated with as an influencer: Pepsi, Dove, KC Fashion Week, Marie Claire and Saint Louis Fashion Week

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