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Top 7 Devotionals for Women in Their 20s

It can be difficult to find a devotional that speaks to your heart and spirit, so I wanted to share a few devotionals that have changed my life. I try to read 1 devotional passage per day. You can find an archive of some quotes and scriptures that have stood out to me in the past via my Instagram Highlights here. I pray that this post encourages you to spend some quiet time with the Lord.

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I'll Be Missing You

I've been debating all week, if I should send out this week's newsletter... if I should post to social media... if I should get out of the bed... if I should go to church... if I should take a shower... if I should smile. Grief is a beast, but God is still good. My papa passed away early Monday morning.

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Why You Should Start a Blog

The number one reason that you need to start a blog is to inspire. We want to hear your story and frankly we need it. Your voice and opinion matters more than you could ever imagine. There are millions of bloggers, but you're reading my blog because something about Jasmine Diane resonates with you.

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