Start now, with what you have, NOW!

Start now, with what you have, NOW!
Start now, with what you have, NOW!

I get tons of request from people who need help with their blogs or don't know where to start with sharing their story. My advice is always the same, "Start now, with what you have." I started blogging almost 3 years ago with my laptop, camera phone images and no design background. I just wanted to share my story and to give nameless, faceless women the courage to chase their dreams.

If you've been rocking with me for awhile, like from my Thee Fashion Stories, then you've noticed a huge shift in my content. I've moved from polyvore post to interviews to my outfits to fitness and everything else in between. You name it and I've probably tried to blog about it, but the truth is none of that was me. Lately, I've taken a hard look at why I blog. It's not always easy to share my journey, but it is definitely what I was called by God to do. Check out these screenshots from when I first started blogging. #NoJudge

start now
Start now

I love writing and talking, but the biggest kick is speaking to women who've read my blog and can relate to my story. I never imagined that God would use my voice to inspire anyone, let alone women whom I'll never meet but I'm happy that he chose me. He chose you for a specific purpose as well. Click here to read The #1 Reason That You Need to Start a Blog

Now 3 years later, my mission is still the same to spark fires in recent graduates to be successful in post grad life and to equip you all to succeed. Now it's your turn! Subscribe to my newsletter to receive freebies, new posts updates and Sunday evening letters of encouragement. This week's freebie includes a worksheet to start up your blog.

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