5 Silly Mistakes You're Making on your LinkedIn

5 Silly Mistakes You're Making on your LinkedIn
5 silly mistakes you're making on linkedin

LinkedIn, how I love thee. There was a time when I despised LinkedIn but that has come and gone. LinkedIn is great to build your professional network, look for new jobs and for career inspiration. One of my favorite things to do on LinkedIn is to look at other advertising industry professionals profiles. You can essential see someone's career path, interests and network all in 1 space. This post is going to teach you how to take your LinkedIn profile from "okay" to "SLAY." Below are 5 Silly Mistakes You're Making on your LinkedIn and how to fix them.


Not asking for endorsements

LinkedIn endorsements are major keys. Having your superior or colleague validate your work ethic, positive attitude and good work gives your profile that much more power. Endorsements are similar to referrals because they speak to your character while also humanizing your profile. People want to get to know other people, it's that simple. Pro tip: Ask all of your previous employers and professors for endorsements via email then followup with a message on LinkedIn.

linkedin endorsement


Not updating your summary

Sis, possible employers are looking at your LinkedIn profile but seriously can't figure out your interests. At this point in your career, you're fresh out of college with a few internships under your belt and retail jobs, but nothing concrete in your career field so let your profile summer speak for you. Use this section of your LinkedIn profile to explain your career expertise and goals. For example, I currently work as a social media manager at an advertising agency but I am also a lifestyle blogger. My full-time job and personal interest AKA blogging both align with producing social content. Maybe for you, you're studying nursing but also love to model. Being in front of the camera says that you're confident and nursing says that you're intelligent. Who could turn down beauty and brains?

linkedin summary


Unprofessional headshot

Invest in professional headshot images. If you can't afford to hire a photographer, have a friend use their phone and take a picture of you in front of a nice wall or mural. Make sure your headshot image is similar to other professionals in your industry. For example, an advertising professional could wear a sweatshirt with a statement necklace while a nurse might be wearing scrubs. Pro tip: Look at 5 different LinkedIn profiles within your industry before you choose an outfit.


Not attaching copies of your work

Samples of your work validate your summary, headshot and work experience. Anyone can talk a good game, but not many will deliver. Share the link to your blog, latest case study and everything else that you've cranked out. You have to sell yourself with words and work in order to get the most out of LinkedIn. Do not make it difficult for recruiters to learn more about the results that you can produce.

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Not adding to your network

I cringe at profiles with less than 200 connections. Sis, I know that you know at least 500 people. Don't think so? Add all of your college classmates, professors, previous colleagues and old friends. I also add 2nd connections who have similar interests and experience. You can't go wrong with virtual connections and you never know where they will go.

Are you ready to land your next big internship or job? Now is the time, to develop a killer LinkedIn profile. Stop waiting for the perfect time and get to work. It's a new year and you've got time to create the life that you've always imagined. Do you have any questions about LinkedIn? Leave them below.

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