How to Create an Irresistible Instagram Profile

How to Create an Irresistible Instagram Profile
How to create a good instagram

Are you ready to experience gaining authentic followers everyday? This is my last instagram centered post for awhile. I'm hopping over to Pinterest next, but before I do I wanted to share some tips for creating an irresistible instagram profile. Oh yeah, keep reading to get all of the details!


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Now that you have the basics out of the way, its time to get more into detail about creating an irresistible instagram profile.

Create a consistent color scheme

Why? I'm glad that you've asked. Colors schemes are visually appealing and people love it. There are a ton of examples that I could use for this post. Some of my favorite instagrammers to check out with kick butt colors schemes are @abeautifulmess and @heartofchic.

Consistency is key people. Rather its an actual colors scheme or filter, stick with it. Using a consistent filter gives your profile a feeling of togetherness. Having a consistent color scheme also gives your followers an idea of what to expect. Instagrammers don't want surprises unless its Beyonce slaying some new music or a surprise performance. All in all, I want you to pick 3 colors or less and stick to them. I've committed to black and white on my instagram, @thejasminediane. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 6.42.27 AM.png

Figure out why people are following you and deliver more of that

Which types of post get the most likes and comments? Post more and more of that jaw-dropping content. Enough said.

Get over yourself and follow like-minded instagrammers

THIS ONE IS BIG!!! When you step out into the big world, you realize that there are a ton of people better than you at everything. Stop competing and being arrogant about followers. It's time to connect with people + brands for inspiration. Seeing other creatives post their works inspires me.

I love to read quotes and post them to my page from time to time, but they are always on my feed because of the types of people that I follow. Stop taking this instagram stuff so seriously and learn to enjoy it. Your newsfeed across any given social media channel should inspire you and not leave you mentally drained. 

Okay, I'm done preaching about instagram and I seriously hope that these posts were helpful. I love instagram and my following has grown tremendously in recent months, so I had to drop some knowledge to the people who I loooooves aka my blog readers! I need a sassy little name for my tribe. Suggestions?

Thank you for reading how to create an irresistible instagram profile. Don't forget to follow me on instagram @thejasminediane! Peace.