5 Reasons Why No One is Following You on Instagram

5 Reasons Why No One is Following You on Instagram

Today I'm giving you a breakdown of why no is following you on instagram and what to do to fix the problem. Are you trying to grow your instagram following, but getting no where? Are you sick of low engagement on your posts? Keep scrolling to read 5 reasons no one is following you on instagram.


You have poor picture quality

Nobody wants to look at blurry, dark pictures. Take the time to create images that are eye catching. Do not be afraid to use filters. I always brighten my photos and add a little contrast. If you'd like a photo editing tutorial, comment below in the comment box.


You post sporadically

Posting often is the easiest way to gain followers. How can anyone find you if you only post twice per month and you have poor picture quality. Be conscious of what you post and how often you do it. I suggestion daily posting for maximal growth. If you're a business try 3 to 4 times per week if daily content posting is too much. Social media moves quick, in order to own the space you have to be present.


You don't engage with other users

No one follows you because you aren't commenting on their pictures or taking the initiative to follow them first. Don't be shy. Hit that follow button first sometimes. It can be scary, but following first isn't a terrible thing. I tend to follow those in my niche or those that I can learn from. If you're a KC fashion blogger, try to follow and connect with other KC fashion bloggers. Also, I follow people who use the same event hashtags when I'm at cool events. It's always great to connect once the event ends.


You don't use #hashtags

How is anyone supposed to find you? Use relevant hashtags. I am going to break this down more in depth soon, so stay tuned into jasminediane.com. In the meantime, here is a great article from Later, The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags in 2017.


Your username sucks

Sorry but @itsallokaybabbbby98 doesn't exactly scream I take myself seriously. Social media is a marketing tool, use it as such. When choosing a username, make sure it is available across every social media platform. You need to own your brand and protect its image at all times. If your business name is taken, try adding a the in the front, for example I am @thejasminediane across every social media platform. Don't be afraid of adding an underscore, but I plead with you to use symbols at a minimum. 

Thank you for reading 5 reasons why no one is following you on instagram. Don't forget to check out how I gained over 1k instagram followers in less than 3 months.