7 Ways to Get More People to Your Site

7 Ways to Get More People to Your Site
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We all want to feel validated as entrepreneurs and bloggers with comments and shares aka engagement from our readers. Here are 7 ways to get more people to your site. End the year with these tips and watch your social media following grow. 

Pinning your post

Share the pictures from your posts on Pinterest. There are an infinite amount of shares that can happen with Pinterest. Only pin vertical images and if you have text over your image make sure it is readable. Also, create a board with just content from your website. I like to Pin my post on my Jasmine Diane board and in at least two of my other boards. Don't forget to create boards that will interests your target audience. For example, I target recent college graduates so my boards cover style, DIY for apartments, beauty, and blogger tips.

Sharing your post from Like page to your personal FB page

If you have a Like page for your blog or business, which you should, try sharing your content to your personal page. Personally, I get more engagement on my personal page in comparison to the JasmineDiane.com Like page even though I have more likes than Facebook friends. Your reach will increase by doing this. 

Tweeting like a maniac

Be strategic about your twitter habits, like tweeting during popular shows and using trending hashtags. Also, share your content daily.  After tweeting more consistently, I did see an increase in views. I also make it a point to engage in at least 2 conversations per day with my followers. Use social media to get social, not just sell yourself.

Collaborating on posts

This is another nugget that I learned from watching Mattie and her sister Maya. Not only do they produce amazing content for bloggers and creatives alone, but they collaborate with other influencers. Try creating an event, google hangout, or posts with a fellow blogger or business owner with a similar audience but different reach. Collaborations have been a great way to diversify my following. Don't be afraid to share knowledge or followers. at the end of the day, when one wins we all win if we're working together.

Automated emails to subscribers

Does your blog have a rss feed? Use an email automation service to send out new posts emails to your followers. Try mailchimp.

Better content

This one is a no brainer. Maybe your content sucks or its confusing. Or maybe you have great content, but no focus. I have a difficult time creating amazing content when I am rushing through a post, so taking the time out to create a posts calendar and write posts ahead of time have helped me to make sure my site keeps a singular focus. I create content to inspire recent college graduates to chase their dreams of entrepreneurship. I do this through my blog content and design services.

Consistent content

I saved the best for last because let's face it, consistency is key. You will learn the rest as you grow if you stay the course. Be consistent with your posting, designing, and social media channels. You can't start great then fade out and expect results. Success comes with hard work and diligence. Don't give up because you are not seeing results. You will get the results if you put in the work. 

Which tips were the most helpful to you? Is there anything that you are struggling with as a young entrepreneur that I can help you with?

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