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How I Gained Over 1k Instagram Followers in Less Than Three Months

SocialJasmine Diane
How I Gained Over 1k Instagram Followers in Less Than Three Months
how to gained 1000 instagram followers

Instagram, oh instagram how we love thee. Everybody wants to know how to gain followers without buying them. I found a formula that helped me gain followers within my niche while staying true to my brand. This post will guide you towards growing an authentic instagram audience over time. I'm going to start with my numbers then walk you through the tactics that I used.

My Social Media Growth

Instagram- 1267
Twitter- 543
Pinterest- 69

Instagram- 2364
Twitter- 1,159
Pinterest- 234

Instagram- 3417
Twitter- 1835
Pinterest- 422

Instagram- 3,538

Twitter- 4,462

How I gained gver 1k Instagram followers in less than 3 month

Tip #1: I started using hashtags for pages dedicated to bloggers in my niche.
Do your research and be specific. Tags that worked well for me: #ontheblog, #style, #Mizzou

blogger hashtags

Tip #2: Posting at optimal times for my following.
Early mornings, lunch time, and late night

Tip #3: Posting higher quality images
Yes, yes working with a photographer has been a blessing to my feed and the quality of my work.

Tip #4: Posting more often
I try to post twice per day during the week and a few times on the weekend. I usually take breaks from posting on Saturdays unless I'm attending an event with a hashtag. 

Tip #5: Sharing the link to my instagram feed in the ending paragraph of each blog post.
Although the link to all of my social accounts are in my blog's sidebar reminding people to follow me on instgram @thejasminediane after each posts is helpful!


CTAs work

Make people want to follow you

Tip #6: Minimized my usage of memes
I love motivational quotes, I have almost 2000 screenshots in my phone, but I minimize my usage of them on my instagram feed. If you can't get enough of quotes then use them in your captions with amazing photo content.

Tip #7: Asked my followers questions
Numbers are great, but engagement is everything. I love asking my followers what they want to see on my site. 

Tip #8: Attending popular events and using the hashtag
Attending Saint Louis Fashion Week and KC Fashion Week were huge for my blog this year!

Tip #9: Making my bio more appealing
I have changed my bio at least 20 times. Bios are about connecting with your target audience and they should give people a glimpse of what you will be sharing across your social media channel.

instagram bio

Make your bio pop!

Why should anyone follow you?

Tip #10: Post less personal pictures
This one was tough while I was still in college. Now not so much. If I attend a great event and take pictures with a lot of amazing folks, I share the photos on my blog's facebook page. The reach is higher there and it gives me the opportunity to create an album without being annoying. Think before you post.

Implementing all of these tips really helped my instagram following grow. I didn't watch the numbers closely or stress unfollows. Honestly, I'm still surprised that my following grew so quickly, but I am positive that it is because I changed my mindset about instagram. I knew that I wanted to become a designer post graduate and an influencer outside of the style realm. That took being strategic with my pictures and selective with my page.

For more tips purchase How to Brand Yourself on Social Media. Do you have any tips or questions about instagram? Leave your thoughts below.

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