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7 Ways You Can Use Your LinkedIn Profile in 2017

Social, CareerJasmine Diane
7 Ways You Can Use Your LinkedIn Profile in 2017
7 ways you can use your linkedin profile in 2017 by jasmine cooper if

Is LinkedIn your jam? Nah. Sis, don't worry in the coming weeks I am going to school you on using LinkedIn. Click here to read 5 Silly Mistakes You're Making on LinkedIn if you haven't already. I will be introducing tools to make sure you're getting the most out of LinkedIn if you're apart of my newsletter gang. Stop playing and subscribe here. Now that housekeeping is finished, let's jump into 7 ways you can use your LinkedIn profile.

Digital Resume

LinkedIn is the one and only website where you can leave your entire digital resume. It gives you the option to upload a pdf version as well, which I recommend as well. Girl, show off every side project and professional gig that you've ever had. Pro tip: Share experiences outside of your niche to show employers that you're a well rounded person. For example, I work full-time in social media but my blog is my online hub, so it's highlighted on my resume.

Network With Old Colleagues and Professors

Sis, stop playing and add all of your old professors on LinkedIn. Professors know the industry and are often connected to industry professionals near and far. Adding old colleagues and professors opens you up to their network without you having to say much. Someone might consider you for a position just based on the mere fact that you're connected to one of their fav college professors. Pro tip: Get that professor or colleague to write you an endorsement.

Share Professional Articles

Are you a social media pro? Share links to your well written professional articles via LinkedIn. Sis, you've gotta prove that you're a pro. Writing is the easiest way to get ahead of the game.

Job Opportunities

Most job listings never get posted, so it's important to add to your profile.

Lurk on Dream Employer(s)

Girl... forget lurking on your ex boo's snapchat account and go for what's really important: your dream job. LinkedIn is the perfect place to find information about your dream employer along with the amazing people that work there. Pro tip: Search for your dream employer then connect with at least 1 person that works there. If you're an overachiever, find the head of HR or recruiting and start digging.

Look for New Job

Are you over your current position? Use LinkedIn to ask peeps in your network about their jobs. Double check about job postings, job satisfaction and any other burning questions. It's easier to get a job when you know someone at the company, so use that network sis.

That's a wrap, sis. I hope that this article helped you to realize that LinkedIn is bae. You have to learn how to use this tool if you want to advance your career.

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