3 Strategies to Get Better at Interviews

3 strategies to get better at interviews by jasmine diane

OMG this is it... interview day. Sis, I want you to be confident and conversational. Do not answer any questions with one word responses, always explain. You've prepared for this moment all night. Below is a list of 3 strategies to get better at interviews.

Strategy #1: Be Confident.

Your resume got you the job, so your potential employer already likes you. They wouldn't have called you if they didn't feel like you could do the job. Today is about selling your personality. You aren't just getting this job for you, but all of the little girls back home looking up to you. Make them proud! Strut into your interview with your head held high, shoulders back and a smile on your face.

Strategy #2: Stay present.

Throughout the course of your interview, nerves will die down. Stay present by asking questions and nodding your head while the interview speaks. You want to sit up straight with a slight lean forward so that the interview knows you're in it to win it. Avoid shaking your leg, shuffling papers and awkward pauses during your interview. This is your time to shine, so own it.

Strategy #3: Dress the Part

When you look part it's easy to sell yourself. Appearance is super important to doing great at important interviews. You're less likely to fidget in a top that makes you feel like Beyonce. You're also more prone to smile in your fav blazercompared to a jacket that does nothing for your figure. Call me vain, but I believe that looking good makes people feel good. Pro tip: Use outfit as a conversation starter. Wear something special like your grandma's pearls or favorite pair of pumps.


  1. What is 1 lifestyle change that you can make today to make your life better?
  2. What is your favorite thing about your body?

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