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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 3 Easy Steps

CareerJasmine DianeLinkedin
How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 3 Easy Steps
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Does your LinkedIn profile suck? No worries, we're about to change that. I want to see other brown girls win at this career stuff and a lot of it starts online. Keep scrolling to read how to improve your LinkedIn profile in 3 easy steps.

Add a summary

Sis, people hire people not profiles. Add a 1- 2 paragraph introduction to your profile that includes things not listed below in your job history or volunteer experience. I used this space to highlight work that I've done as an influencers and share career goals. Ambition and spunk are priceless. You've got personality and your LinkedIn summary is the perfect place to share it.

Add 20 professionals in your industry

Your profile might be perfect, but if you don't have any connections how do you expect to get discovered? Sit down and add at least 20 professionals in your industry on LinkedIn. The old saying goes, "It's not what you know, but who you know." Girl, take the time out to add old classmates, professors and colleagues on LinkedIn. Connections give your profile depth.

Proofread Your Content

I had to say it... you've gotta proofread. I'm a sucker for moving quickly when it comes to writing. I love to read and write, but often times suck at proofreading. I suggest having 1 to 2 of your mentors look over your LinkedIn profile summary before you add too many industry professional. Spelling mistakes area turn off and say that you don't care.

That's a wrap, sis. I hope that this article helped you to realize that LinkedIn is bae. You have to learn how to use this tool if you want to advance your career. Make sure you check out 5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About LinkedIn.

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