LinkedIn Dos and Don'ts for New Users

LinkedIn Dos and Don'ts for New Users
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LinkedIn is one the most powerful and meaningful social networks to-date. If you are familiar with, then you know that I have dropped a few LinkedIn blog posts full of best practices. I mean, who doesn't want to boost their professional network? Always remember, "Your network determines your net worth."  Most open positions never get posted online because recruiters and employers alike use their networks to find potential candidates. The point is to use LinkedIn to build upon your physical network. Make it a point to connect with friends, colleagues, past employers and mentors. Keep reading to learn more LinkedIn dos and don'ts for new users.

Things to Avoid on LinkedIn

Not Asking for Endorsements:

Have your superior or colleague validate your work ethic, positive attitude and good work to give your previous experiences more power. Endorsements are like referrals because they speak to your character while also humanizing your profile.

Not Updating Your Summary:

Use this section of your LinkedIn profile to explain your career expertise and goals. For example, I currently work as a social media manager at an advertising agency but I am also a lifestyle blogger. My full-time job and personal interest AKA blogging both align with producing social content. Maybe for you, you're studying nursing but also love to model. Being in front of the camera says that you're confident and nursing says that you're intelligent. Who could turn down beauty and brains?

Unprofessional Headshot:

Invest in a professional headshot images. Before taking your pictures, look at profiles of others in your industry. Use their images as a map to what to wear and how to dress for your pictures. If you're not sure what to wear or where to shoot your images then ask a mentor or trust industry friend for advice. It never hurts to ask for help.


LinkedIn Myths You Need to Unlearn:

LinkedIn is Only For Old People:

Scratch that. LinkedIn is for anyone looking for a job and to build their professional network. You are never too young to start an account. If you have a resume, then you need a LinkedIn profile.

Nobody Important is Looking at My Profile:

Somebody is always watching, know that. Did you know that there is a feature where people can view your profile undetected? Yep. I can't stress this enough; recruiters are checking LinkedIn so you need to be there with an amazing profile.

It's All About Connections:

Nope. Connections are great, but the right connections open doors. Do not just add anyone who request you. Look for familiar faces when connecting on LinkedIn. Ask yourself if this person can speak to your work ethic or integrity?

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Add A Summary:

Add a 1- 2 paragraph introduction to your profile that includes things not listed below in your job history or volunteer experience. I used this space to highlight work that I've done as an influencer and share career goals. Ambition and spunk are priceless. 

Add 10 Professionals in Your Industry:

The old saying goes, "It's not what you know, but who you know." Girl, take the time out to add old classmates, professors and colleagues on LinkedIn. Connections give your profile depth.

Proofread Your Content:

I had to say it... you must proofread. I suggest having 1 to 2 of your mentors look over your LinkedIn profile summary before you add too many industry professional. Spelling mistakes area turn off and say that you don't care.


How to Use LinkedIn

Digital Resume:

LinkedIn is the one and only website where you can leave your entire digital resume. It gives you the option to upload a pdf version as well, which I recommend as well. Show off every side project and professional gig that you've ever had with the world.

Share Professional Articles:

Share links to your well written professional research articles and blog posts via LinkedIn. Prove that you're a pro with examples. Writing is the easiest way to get ahead of the game.

New Job:

Are you over your current position? Use LinkedIn to ask peeps in your network about their jobs. Double check about job postings, job satisfaction and any other burning questions. It's easier to get a job when you know someone at the company, so use that network sis.

LinkedIn is for everybody. It's easy to use once you have a few pointers from an expert. I learned the importance of LinkedIn in college and have seen it's power first hand in my career and in the careers of a few close friends. I know a handful of successful women who have gotten interviews based on their LinkedIn profile. Somebody is always looking, so make sure you're on point. Use LinkedIn to your advantage and be sure to only make meaningful connections. 

Questions For New LinkedIn Users

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