Post Grad Life: 15 Months

Post Grad Life: 15 Months
15 months into my life after college by jasmine cooper of, kansas city blogger.

Hey girl hey! Welcome to my self-reflection of what it feels like 15 months after graduating from undergrad. I didn't follow my usual post grad format because I wanted to share a few intimate details with you all.

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It's been over a year since I graduated from the University of Missouri and it still feels unreal. Somedays its like I'm on an extended summer break. This journey has forced me to learn myself, to trust my first mind and to ultimately become my own biggest cheerleader. The days of people sending me money because I was struggling college student are long over. The world somewhat expects me to have my life together... so that's exactly what I'm doing.

15 months into my life after college by jasmine cooper of, kansas city blogger.

I'm thankfully a first-generation college graduate, which means no one else in my immediate family has graduated from a 4 Year College or University. Which also means... figuring life out on my own terms with a lot of failing and mistakes. That's exactly why I started to share my journey... to give other black girls the courage to chase their dreams even if you've never seen it done. Honestly, my only goal going into college was to not get pregnant.

Can you relate? What were your goals going into college? Did you accomplish them? Did they change?

I never imagined, I'd graduate with an entire brand under my belt but God had other plans. A huge part of my post grad journey has been facing the unexpected and confronting bad habits. I only applied for 1 internship before graduation and I moved back to Kansas City without any bedroom furniture. I say all of this to say that no matter where you find yourself after walking across that stage, there is hope. You will become everything you planned even if the road isn't what you imagined.

When did you decide to start playing small? Why? 

In the next 15 months, I plan to pay down my student loan debt considerably. Other than that, I'd like to travel a few times next year and keep inspiring other black girls to run towards their big dreams.

Is there anything that you'd like to know more about when it comes to my post grad journey? What are you struggling with? I want to help.

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