StyleJasmine Diane

Strappy Black Sandals + Pencil Skirt + Run Tank

StyleJasmine Diane
Strappy Black Sandals + Pencil Skirt + Run Tank

Photos by Steven

Everyday I wake up with hopes of getting my life more on track... racing towards perfection that seems so close yet too far to grasp. I remember the day of this shoot like it was yesterday. We switched locations a few times throughout our session. The sun was beaming like crazy. This shoot was the first time I felt really "sexy" in front of the camera. I was tired of being the cute, smiling Jas that everyone expected so I figured, I'd turn up the heat. 

If I can be honest, often times I struggle with comparing myself to other woman. It's tough living up to the standards that I've set for myself, let along other people. But if there's one thing that I know to be true, it's that everything has a purpose. I was created for a big purpose and every little thing I go to is shaping me into someone better. I don't have to be more "sexy" or "flirty" to be "it." Frankly, I'm over competing for attention. I'm done with wondering if I measure up.

I'm done with wondering if I measure up.

Looking back, I know exactly why I felt this way. I wanted someone to see me, just to see me and I thought that maybe changing who I was would get them to do that. Now I know that who I am and where I stand with anyone and everyone isn't just a mere reflection of who I am, but who they are as well. I don't need anyone's validation to be "Unapologetically Jasmine." Validation is for parking, not humans.

So if you want to be more of this, or less of that to please anyone else please stop it. Their ignorance of your worth doesn't change it's validity. You are absolutely amazing, just the way you. Stand up strong and be bold, honey.

The toughest battles you will fight, will be with the woman in the mirror. Choose to embrace the kinks that make you unique and celebrate your sisters. Everyday that you're breathing, is another gift from God to share your talent and smile with someone else.

I don't need anyone's validation to be "Unapologetically Jasmine." 

Don't shy away from what makes you unique to blend in with what looks like perfection. It won't last and the grass is never greener on the other side. Be grateful for who and what you have before you lose it trying to keep up with the Jones'. 

Thank you for reading! I hope that you were inspired to walk in your truth. It isn't always easy, but it's always beneficial to be honest. Let's connect on instagram and twitter!