“Word To The Woman” by Solange X Puma

Solange is known for numerous things: her impeccable style with carefree spirit, singer, being the younger sister of Beyoncé, starring in the cheerleading series of Bring It On, infamous wedding photos, a crazy elevator battle with brother-in-law, Jay-Z, and so much more. Earlier this week, she added yet another notch to the list of greatness that embodies the persona of who she is.

Her latest venture involved her third collaboration with sportswear brand, PUMA, to create a project that left individuals, including myself, in awe. The two unveiled a footwear collection titled “Word To The Woman” and its mission to celebrate women who are essentially handling their business in every aspect of life. This two-part collection features fourteen trendsetters. Solange alongside Six02 and Saint Heron developed an outstanding concept that all can appreciate and each photo tells the story of the featured woman with blurbs from the interview that Solange conducted. Full videos will periodically be released, but for now you can see a glimpse on the @wordtothewoman Instagram page.

In addition to the new footwear, the site (store.saintheron.com) was launched as well for consumers to be able to purchase this unique brand of PUMA. Don’t worry! The shoes are not an outrageous price. The current price for the four pairs listed is only $90. Definitely save up or go ahead and splurge on this item! I know that I added it to my list for this upcoming fall fashions.

To see some of the visuals, check out some images below via wordtothewoman.com:

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StyleBrea Thompson