10 Things To Do with your BFF

10 Things To Do with your BFF


Are you looking for fun new things to try with your bff, bestie, ride-or-die this summer? I know that you gals have got to get tired of sitting around on instagram all day. Be sure to follow @TheJasmineDiane next time if you're scrolling down your TL if you haven't already. Here is our list of 10 Things To Do with your BFF this summer.

1. Get manis + pedis

2. Grab a fruit smoothie from Ruby Jean's Juicery if you're in Kansas City!

3. Create a blog together. Click here for blogging tips!

4. Shop online for fashion finds to wear out for a night on the town. I love House of Rena, MADE Urban Apparel, and Pink Lipps.

5. Go to a festival, gallery or museum then out for dinner.

6. Join a gym or get a personal trainer. I train with Gary Taylor at GT Fitness!

7. Create vision boards or throw your own vision board party. See the recap from my vision board here.

8. Come out to a Cupcakes and Connections mixer.

9. Run a marathon. I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm interested. Do you have any tips? Are you a runner?

10. Eat. Every girl loves food. Try

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