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How to Style Wide Leg Pants

Stylejasmine diane
How to Style Wide Leg Pants

Not sure how to style wide leg pants? I get it. This is only my second time wearing these pants for that very reason. I have a few tips on how to make wide leg pants fit your body type + points on how to take them from day to night.

Tip 1: Wear a fitted top to create a waist.

I wore a black cami for a day look, then a black cropped top for my date night look. Remember that less is more when choosing a top. Giving your body an hour-glass figure is always a yes!


Tip 2: Play it up with your shoes.

I chose a pair of gold metallic sandals for this look. They are both are trend + easy to walk in. For my date night look I opted for wooden heels sandals. I also was able to wear those same heels + these pants with a black tank top for church. Get the most out of your wardrobe ladies!


Tips 3: Accessorize.

If you want to go simple, then opt for a basic gold necklace with a watch or bracelet. I created an arm party with a few bracelets and a watch. Stay away from adding too much color if your pants already have a ton of color or a geometric print.


Want to know where it's all from? I got these pants from Dillard's last year, the sandals are from Aldo (similar here), and the watch is from Aldo as well (here). My grandmother made my beaded bracelets and I bought the bangles from Dillard's last summer as well.

Be sure to share this post with your girlfriends + tweet me your wide leg pants looks @TheJasmineDiane! Until next time, peace!