You Are Beautiful

Did anyone tell you that you are beautiful today? Well, I just want to reiterate how beautiful you are! Christ made man in his image and you are simply amazing. Those eyes, lips, and wow that smile! What do you love about yourself? What sets you a part from everyone else? What is your signature look? What are your strengths? Focus on those things and build upon your weaknesses. Stop feeling down and worthless, life is passing you by. Stop and smell the roses. You have every reason to smile and laugh even when life knocks you down. Pray and then leave it there. You can be free and whole in Christ. (Check out Proverbs 31 and Ruth!) He will meet you where you are right now. So turn those tears into smiles and push forward.

Girl, you are so beautiful and don't you ever let anyone tell you anything different!
Here is a little theme music for you to bump to! Ever think about buying new decor or bra shopping just for the heck of it? Well I think it's about that time, but this time... Do it for you because you are beautiful and you deserve it!

Much Love,
Jas the Stylist

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