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KC Sole Team

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KC Sole Team

I was first introduced to the KC Sole Team during my interview with MADE Urban Apparel Owner, Mark Launiu. He spoke very highly of them so I just knew that I had to feature them on my blog. I had a great time interview members of the KC Sole Team over my Thanksgiving Break. The team had a fun and fresh vibe. The interview was full of laughter and sneaker knowledge. I was really surprised to hear members of the KC Sole Team speak about sneakers with such passion. Their passion was fascinating and drew me in! I will be featuring them again once Sneak Fest 2014 gets closer. You will learn more about the KC Sole Team and #SneakFest14 throughout the course of this interview! Enjoy!

Here is a

KC Sole Role Call

along with each member’s position:


DeMarkus Coleman (



Vice President-

Ron Chisolm Jr.

Street Team President/ Sponsor-

Taylor Ashford

Director of Operations-

Tiara Webb

Promotional Marketing and Merchandising-

Kendall Harris

Apparel Director-

Jerrid Dunlap

Community Outreach-

Damon Smith Jr.

Business Strategist-

Aaron Stinnett

Promotions Chair-

Brian Pickens (



Web Designer-

Gaven Johnson (



In case you are new to the sneaker world like myself, here is a little vocabulary to help you understand this interview.



Someone with an extreme passion for sneakers




People obsessed with sneakers, footwear, music, and art. You can’t have the culture without the music, the history, color of shoes, how they make you feel, the athletes.

Sneak Fest 2013 Vendor

What is the purpose of

KC Sole?

DS: To unite the sneakerheads in Kansas City.

KH: To bring a more positive movement to a city that is known for negativity and violence and to give the kids something to look forward to.

RC: To bring an understanding of the sneaker community to those who don’t know what it is and to put Kansas City on the map for sneaker heads.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

JD: Leading the Midwest in bringing sneaker culture. We want to be big as H-Town Sneaker Summit.

AS: Bringing light to the Midwest with sneakerculture using art, fashion, and expression.

RC:  I see

KC Sole

becoming a national event and a good community service provider. We want to open doors for other clothing lines and business to advance.

KH: I see

KC Sole

taking over every aspect of the game, from scholarships to water bottles.

Who have you worked with and/or worked for? Who would you like to work with and/or work for?

KC Sole

has worked with RUBIES Inc., JoeyCutts, the City Union Mission, and the Dream Factory.

KC Sole

would like to work with Soles 4 Souls to send shoes overseas and anyone local who is doing positive things in the community.

What was the motivation behind starting KC Sole?

It was a collective idea to create a sneaker convention. Each

KC Sole

member has an extreme love for sneakers. Their passion was so beautiful to me that I have decided to invest in a few cool pairs of sneakers this year!

What is Sneak Fest?

JD: An automobile convention with shoes and apparel instead of automobiles

(showcasing shoes)

KH: A place to bid on, buy, sell, and trade shoes

AS: A secure method to see and buy one-of-a-kind sneakers and meet collectors

DS: Sneak Fest brings a positive light to sneakerculture, unlike the typical lines where people are fighting for shoes. This is a great way to spread positive light on sneaker lovers.

TW: Clothing brands come too, Genocide Clothing, MADE Urban Apparel, Relaced, Not Human, Escapist, 23penny, and Dang Apparel

Where do you find inspiration?

KH: The supporters who look to

KC Sole

to give them something to look forward to.

DS: The entire sneakerculture.

AS: Some kid may have never been to Sneak Fest, so our job is to inspire people and spark passion. It takes a year to plan Sneak Fest. We are doing other stuff, but Sneak Fest is the main event. We want to have a positive impact on the community. We were founded on Sneak Fest. We are all extremely passionate about making a positive impact. Passion drives the brand. The team inspires each other.


Name your favorite pair of shoes.

TW: Retro 11 Concords

BP: Taxi 12s

DC: Taxi 12s

TA: White Cement 4 (Last dunks) Retro Jordans

KH: Nike Air Garnett 3

JD: Retro 12s

RC: Retro 7 Olympics

AS: Asics Gel Lyte 3 Rivington Gray and Orange

DS: Nike Air Jordan Retro 12s (Taxi)

What career advice do you have for TheeFashionStories readers?

HK: Stay positive. You are going to face some trials and tribulations, but stay original.

TA: Communicate and love your team. Be organized and be specific.

AS: Know what you live for. You have to fight for it because no one is going to give it to you. Don’t let it not happen.

RC: Let the passion drive you. Don’t let nobody tell you no. When you hear no let it drive you.

Do you have any upcoming events or projects that TheeFashionStories readers should be on the lookout for?

TheeFashionStories readers should be on lookout for Sneak Fest taking place on March 29, 2014.

How can TheeFashionStories readers contact you?


Twitter/Instagram: KCSole6

Facebook: KC Sole Marketplace

More sneakers!

Last words?

RC: Be prepared to learn something new at Sneak Fest. You will learn about clothing lines and what goes into a sneaker. For example, some sneakers have lace locks.

JD: We want everyone to come out and support us. Check out something new and different. You will learn something if you attend Sneak Fest!

 AS: Thank you for the support to anyone who is supporting

KC Sole

in any and every way.

KH: Shout out to anybody in Kansas City who supports Kansas City.

DS: Sneakers are fashion. People are reaching out to celebs with sneakerculture. Get into snearkerculture!

Thank you all so much for a fun and insightful interview. I am looking forward to Sneak Fest in March and interviewing Mr. DeMarkus Coleman to hear from him. I was inspired by the

KC Sole

Team’s words and blown away by their love for one another. The way that they interacted together showed me that they truly love each other. Each member brings something unique and fresh to the

KC Sole

Team. Support their movement and attend #Sneakfest14!