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10 Tips for 2014

Lifestylejasmine diane
10 Tips for 2014

1. Do more of what you love.

You will be a lot happier once you decide to spend time doing things that you love. Make a career out of your God given talents and abilities. I know that you are good at one thing and probably even more than that. This year choose one to expand upon. You never know what God will do once you trust him and do what you love!

2. Stop hanging around people that suck the life out of you.
You become what you surround yourself with. You have to decide to stop hanging around people that are always taking from you and never giving back. You need people in your corner who pour into your life and uplift you!

3. Quit doing busy work.
You need to give up on just getting by. Do more than just exist. Live your life and do things that interest you. Busy work could be at work, home, church, school, etc. No matter where it is or what it is... STOP DOING IT! God put you here for a special purpose and it is time that you finally tapped into it. Life is too short for busy work!

4. Force yourself to let go. It's time to move on.
You know exactly what I am talking about. It is time that you threw in the towel on that relationship, friendship, partnership, business, etc. You deserve so much more. You deserve to smile everyday. You deserve flowers and dates. You deserve to feel special. After all, God put you here with purpose in mind. Be happy and let go!

5. Let go of negative self images. 
You are beautiful and it is time that realized it. You are perfect just the way that God made you. You do not need to wear weave, makeup, or designer clothes to make you beautiful. You can wear those things. I love them myself, but you have to know that you are beautiful without them or your self-esteem will continue to suffer. You are beautiful and you have to believe that because... IT IS TRUE!

6. Forgive them.
You need to forgive them. Let go of that baggage and start fresh in 2014. Start now and start here with what you have. Forgive them and let God do the rest.
7. Give back to your community. 
You have more than enough time, money, and resources to help someone else out. I know, I know you planned on it but went through with your plans. In 2014 make it a priority to give back to your community. You are blessed to be a blessing to someone else.

8. Choose to smile each day that you are alive.
You are talented, intelligent, and utterly amazing so smile! Show those pearly whites and do something wild this year. Live your life with no regrets. Learn from each mistake and keep your head held high. 
9. Drink water and eat vegetables. 
You are going to stay healthy in 2014. If you need help just check out Tempting Tuesdays on TheeFashionStories. We will offer tips on how you can healthy and fit! 

10. Spoil yourself. 
You should treat yourself to a mani and pedi once a month. Make yourself a priority. Yes, it is important to give to others and work hard but do not forget to rest. Take yourself on a mini shopping spree when your bank account allows or do free things alone. Alone time is good for your health!

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