My Room + Decorating Tips
I am a college student so my room is also my creative space aka my studio. I decided that I wanted my creative space to reflect my dreams and goals. My room is my palace where I create greatness and relax. I wanted it to be a place where I can find inspiration, so I started putting things on the walls that  motivated me. Below I have a few pictures and tips to help you create your dream space, rather you are in college or ow your own home.

Advice: Add some color to your wall with creative photos.

1. Hang up anything that inspires you!

I love fashion so I hung up fashion photos, quotes, and my goals on my fashion wall. On another wall I hung up tons of family photos. My family plays a huge role in who I am and want to become so I need their faces up to push me on days when I want to give up. 
Advice: Make your own pillows!

2. Adding tons of colors and prints to your bed will add personality to your room. 
I made two of the pillows on my bed! I wanted pillows that had a lot of personality and color. I am in the process of redecorating my room right now. Soon I will have a color scheme going throughout my entire bedroom.

Advice: It's the little things that make your room special.

3. Add tissue paper or fabric to your walls to make them pop if you cannot paint them!
I added a glittery tissue passer to my inspiration wall in my bedroom. The glitter adds some sparkle without overpowering the pictures and jewelry hanging on my wall.

Tip: Displaying costume jewelry saves space and is super cute to look at!

4. Display jewelry and accessories on your wall to add personality to your room. 
I decided to showcase my statement necklaces on my wall. You could add flowers, quotes, medals, or trophies to your display. Make it your own!

I hope that this small tour was helpful! I will be doing more room tours and DIYs in 2014. Enjoy the rest of 2013 and make things your own! If you have any comments or request please leave them below.

Much Love,
Jas the Stylist

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