Goodbye 2013 and Cheers to New Beginnings

The year is coming to an end, so I wanted to share a little bit more about myself and thank all of my supporters for sticking with TheeFashionStories. I have big ideas for 2014, so stay tuned! My journey has just begun and I am loving it more and more each day. Blogging has taught me a lot about myself and others. I have learned to trust my instincts and to be more direct when communicating. Life often throws us curveballs, but we have to be willing to catch them in order to grow. I hope that TheeFashionStories has had a positive impact on your life. I won't stop! 
I am forever grateful to every designer, every brand, every stylist, etc. who gave me the opportunity to share a part of their story with TheeFashionStories. I am going to do a small roll call. If I forgot you please comment so that I can add you. I enjoyed doing each interview, store review, and brand review. I am looking forward to staying connected with everyone in 2014. I wish you all much success!

2013 Interviews
MADE Urban Apparel: Mark Launiu
The RealMissDrea-Daily: An'Drea Hall
Designer: Whitney Manney
M-- USE Owner: Nikki Davis
JXL Designer: Jasmine Deadmon
Stylist: Darion Jordan
House of Rena Designer: Eranne Whiters
Stylist: Kyla Cherry
Stylist: Donette Lowe
Her$tyle Media Creator: Britney Turner
Stylist: Isis Manning
Designer: Langston Jones
COOL Clothing Owner: Mycah Houston
Blogger: Sara Ssnow
Blogger: Cydni Robertson
Fashionista: Chauniece Johnson
Blogger: Briea Clark
Miss Latina Missouri: Diana Hernandez
Freelance Writer: LaParis Hawkins
Photographer: Steven Green
KC Sole
Public Relations Specialist: Kathryn Mansur
Lo'Cal Fashion Magazine CEO: Tachai Hayes
Unorthodox Clothing: Sadiki
Keefe Cravat CEO: Jordan Williams
Stylist: Joi White

Thank you all again. Things will only get better and bigger in 2014. I have some fantastic interviews lined up for January. My calendar is filling up and requests are coming in so you can expect nothing but the best! What do you want to see more of in 2014? What brands do you love? Please leave comments and links below so that I can check them out. I want to hear from my readers. Thank you all a bunch for the continued love and support.

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Much Love,
Jas the Stylist