500th Post: Happy Holidays Giveaway
In honor of the holiday season and our 500th post we are hosting a Happy Holidays Giveaway. You can enter the giveaway on Instagram or Twitter by using the following hashtags: 
#TheeFashionStories #HolidayGiveaway 
sharing the photo below! 
So I bet you are wondering what the prizes are? Check out these amazing prizes and be sure to enter NOW!!

1. 1 Cheetah Print #TFS Beanie
2. 2 Pairs of JXL Earrings
3. 1 Signature CLVR Threads Tee
5. 1 free issue of Lo'Cal Fashion Magazine

Ps. Each brand name is linked to their website! Thank our sponsors by doing a little Christmas shopping on their websites!
Take a closer look... 
House of Rena Infinity Scarf
TFS Beanie and JXL Earrings
CLVR Threads Tee
PS. Pay it forward this holiday season! Happy Holidays!