National Lipstick Day 2015


Happy National Lipstick Day 2015! This morning I woke up to a rainy day in Oak Park, a new diss track from Drake to Meek Mill, a Twitter page full of hilarious gifs and the realization that today is “National Lipstick Day.” Yes, there is a day dedicated to one of the best makeup accessories ever. Lipstick has been known to change the look of any outfit and boost the attitude in a woman right after the application. For me, this is a go-to item when I am going out or need a little extra pop. The colors are so immense that the possibilities are endless. Besides the vast amount of photos displaying individual’s love for lipstick, there are a ton of facts that many are not aware of. I decided to dwell into some research and find out interesting facts about lipstick. Check out some facts below:

The first lipstick in a tube that swiveled up appeared in 1923.

The credit of who invented lipstick is debated often, but it is known for sure that around 3,500 B.C. the materials included crushed gemstones, henna, seaweed and clay.

The act of removing dye from ants and beetles was a common practice to add a tint to the color of lips

During gloomy or rainy days, the sales for lipstick tend to increase more than usual.

Lipstick was made popular through films during the early 1900s and has even been given the credit of coining the term “generation gap.” This stemmed from the fact that younger women found lipstick to be a product worth approval, while their older counterparts found it to be quite offensive.

Lipstick has taken on the symbol of representing female empowerment and red seems to be a staple color that every woman should have.

We hope that your day is filled with a bomb lip color and even a brighter day! Share some of your favorite brands + colors with us in the comments. We cannot wait to add more to our collection from your suggestions.

StyleBrea Thompson