Management Apps for Millennials

Management Apps for Millennials

As millennials, there are numerous apps that can assist with everything. This summer I have realized that entering into my senior year of college, I may need to expand my collection. Although nothing trumps a good old-fashioned agenda and hand written tasks, there are some apps that can help minimize the stress that may arise. With that being said, I started my search to find ways to improve with aspects surrounding budgeting, productivity and social media management. I plan to check out some new apps and hopefully I can give a review of my experience of them in the future. Below are some of the best-rated apps in these categories.


This is a site that I already utilize and it is definitely one of my favorites! The purpose of this app is to shorten the links of websites so that it can be shared across social media, e-mail and text messages. This is especially handy for sites such as Twitter, where the amount of characters is restricted. In addition, it is more appealing to the eye to see a shorter link to click on. The service is as simple as copying the current link and waiting for a new one to be generated! Too easy, right?


I love taking notes by hand because I learn best through this method. Even through college, I have avoided taking notes on my laptop because I know that something seemingly more important such as e-mails will distract me. Yet, there are times where I am on the go and have to succumb to taking notes on my phone or laptop. This is where this app comes in handy because it syncs all your notes from your electronic devices in one digital space. In addition, there is the ability to save web articles and snap photos to save to the gallery. No longer will there be the days of searching for that note to study guide questions because your work will be saved in one workspace. Explore the different packages to see what is best for you!


I have always had a passion for reading and writing, but since finding my calling in the Public Relations field, I have had to incorporate the love for social media as well. With managing two accounts as well as personal ones, it can be hectic remembering username and password information. In addition, making sure that content is published at a certain time can be a challenge as well. Many of the individuals I collaborate with use this application to relieve some of this stress. You have the opportunity to explore the different packages to see what is best for you!


College has taught me a lot about being smart with money, but of course there are a lot of fees that arise such as supplies and textbooks. Of course, there is also the aspect of food taking a huge chunk of change out of my paycheck. So my goal for this year is to be more money cautious and savvy, so that I am able to transition into post-graduation life smoothly. This app has been talked about so often for the capability to help manage money, keep track of bill payments and tracking credit scores. I think this could be a great start to continuing on the path of financial success.

Rescue Time

Everyone has times when their productivity level just goes straight down or distractions seem to come more frequently. This is where this app comes in handy! Its purpose is to recognize where the most time is spent and how to organize it in a more efficient way. Providing users with a detailed report of activity usage is a great way to analyze your time. The best part is that you do not have to do it alone because this application literally rescues you. This is a tool that could be great for when midterms and finals come around.

I have not downloaded all of these apps, so feel free to tell me your reviews about any of them or alternative options! I look forward to your comments.