5 Signs That You Need a Change

5 Signs That You Need a Change
5 Signs That You Need a Change jasminediane.com

Are you tired of your dead end job? Irritated with a nagging boyfriend or just downright unhappy with too many things in your life to count? We have all been there, but the key is to not stay there. You have all of the power that you need to change the world starting with your own thoughts, but you choose not to tap into it. Here are 5 signs that you need a change.

1. You dread thinking about __________.

Fill in the blank. Whatever is driving you up a wall has been doing it for too long. You hate seeing it, going to it, or even thinking about it. Change is on the horizon rather you are ready or not. [Tweet "No amount of money or benefits are worth your sanity, let it go."]

2. You're uncomfortable

Change comes at the most awkward and unexpected times. You may have planned to stay with _____ for years, but after only a few weeks in you have realized that you were wrong. It is okay to walk away, it is normal to fail sometimes. It is completely up to you to make the necessary changes in your life to produce happiness. You deserve to have some peace, right? YES!

3. Plan B looks appealing

You're so slick that you had a plan b and right now that option sounds like a new pair of shoes. Stop rationalizing your ideas and make the change. Success is on the other side of fear.

[Tweet "When you decide that you want it more than you fear it, you'll have it."]

4. Failure

So maybe that business idea didn't work and you need to go back to work until you figure it out. It is okay. You can fail and still be successful. The hardest part of failure is talking yourself into trying again. Once you do that you will feel a freedom like never before. It is time to make a change and do something different with yourself. Aren't you ready for growth?

5. Signs

Start over and renew your mind. New people and places are waiting to be explored by you. Stop selling yourself short and get with the program. You already knew that it was time for you to switch cars, upgrade your phone, get a new job in your career field, propose, etc. Whatever the case may be this is your sign!

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