3 Reasons Why You Need Red Lipstick

3 Reasons Why You Need Red Lipstick

Every woman needs a tube of red lipstick. Right now, I am having a love affair with Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics. If you follow me on instagram, which I hope that you do, you know that I can't get enough of my red lipstick. The color is rich, long-lasting, and makes me feel gorgeous. I can throw on a red lipstick with a t-shirt and feel super chic and flirty. I love pinks and nudes too, but red lipsticks are the most versatile! I want you to grab a new shade of red lipstick or to use what you already have! Let's jump right into the list!

Red lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter.

I learned this age old trick from my mommy who learned it from my granny. Have you ever noticed what color lipstick women wear in toothpaste & mouth wash commercials? Red! Red lipstick gives your teeth an instantly brighter effect. Try it out and see!

Red lipstick provides a classic look that you can wear anytime and anyplace. 

Red lipstick is versatile enough for work, class, funerals, job interviews, and everything else in between. I like to pair my red lipstick with neutral outfits. You can never go wrong with a red lip and little black dress! Trends come and go, but classic style like such never go out of style. Work with what you have and look dang good while you do it! Celebs seem to love red lipsticks as well!

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I love wearing red lipstick on dates and for fashion shows! You can never go wrong with a bold red lipstick. You can go with a more orange red or a more purple red. Try out a new different shades that you like and make them work. Tip: Use red lip liner to line lips for a classic look. You can also line your lips with a plus lip liner to create an ombre look!

I hope that this red lipstick guide was helpful and easy to read! Stay tuned for more beauty posts. I told myself that 2015 was the year for me to jump into cosmetics and I plan to keep my word! Not sure what color beanie to rock with your lipstick? Don't worry, check out my

perfect beanie + lipstick combos post!

What is your favorite shade of red lipstick? Leave your product suggestions below. If you're looking for inexpensive suggestions, check out my earlier post,

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