Nykhor Paul's Message to the Fashion Industry


Two weeks ago 25-year-old, South Sudanese model, Nykhor Paul took to Instagram to blast the unprepared make-up artists within the fashion industry whom have still failed to accumulate make-up that matches the various skin tones of black women. She addresses the issue with a black and white picture of herself with also a lengthy, paramount caption. Of the caption she addresses the issue of her being the only woman having to bring her own makeup to professional shows, in her exact words she says, "Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional show when all the other white girls don't have to do anything but show up wtf!"

Nykhor Paul continues to say, "Don't try to make me feel bad because I am blue black." The high fashion model even throws out brands that carry her skin tone such as: Black Opal, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Iman Cosmetic, Lancôme, Mac, & Makeup Forever. Nykhor's post has accumulated nearly 20,000 likes with just 5,000 comments significantly bringing much-needed attention to this issue. Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments below.

StyleMaya Brown