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I'm sure you've noticed our growth since the start of this summer. Isn't it exciting? I am honored to have talented, driven, and honest young ladies on my team. Brea, Maya, and I collectively create useful and fun content for! You can get to know us better below. If you're interested in joining the team please email me at


If you're new to then you're probably wondering who I am? I am Jas the editor-in-chief of this site. I’m a recent University of Missouri graduate with a passion for inspiration and fashion based in Kansas City. I like to decorate spaces both offline and online. I believe that everything needs a little sparkle and spice, including you! I love to smile and talk, so if you notice that I am always smiling in my pictures or rambling throughout my posts just that know that is my passion shining through.

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Hey everyone! From time to time, you will see my name pop up on the site, so why not introduce myself, right? I am Brea Thompson, a senior majoring in Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I am a lover of organization and lists! So I decided that that is how I would share the bits of who I am with you all. In a nutshell I am: an avid thrift shopper, DIY enthusiast, natural hair product junkie, food critic, a traveler and chronic laugher!

In addition, I have always had a strong passion for reading, writing and helping others, so why not combine the three to deliver some awesome content to you all! Hope you enjoy a dose of a little sparkle and spice!

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Hey, everyone my name is Maya Brown-Edwards and I am a 17 year high school senior from Kansas City, Missouri. I am a part of a teen radio/talk show called, Generation Rap, broadcast live every Saturday on Hot 103 Jamz (103.3 fm) I am also an inspiring sports & entertainment reporter so I do avidly follow everything in the sports & entertainment world. Aside from journalism I do love to shop, travel, socialize, listen to PartyNextDoor, & of course live life with a little Sparkle & Spice!

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