I Just Killed My Biggest Fear

I Just Killed My Biggest Fear about body image
I Just Killed My Biggest Fear about body image
I Just Killed My Biggest Fear about body image

All photos by Steven

Happy Monday. Gosh I love Mondays, always have. The first day of the week means a clean slate and fresh start. I wanted to start off this week with a style post full of transparency.

My Truth
I was terrified to share the pictures of myself in this dress because of the weight that I've gained since the last time I wore this dress. I felt gross to say the least. Whooooo that was hard to admit and looking at the photos, you might be thinking that I'm tripping or possibly you agree. Either way, I'm sharing this to say that fear only has the power that we give it.

Today I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and finally share this post. These pictures are close to 6 weeks old or more. I honestly don't remember, but poor body image sucks and I'm over it controlling my life. Today is also the day that I am committing to my gym. When I look good, I feel good. Not to mention, I want to be in tip top shape when I go see my big sister Beyonce perform in May in Chicago. #cantwait

The Solution
If you're looking for a solution to poor body image, look inside of yourself and figure out what makes you feel beautiful. Read Stop It With the Selfies to start. This post was a part of a Facebook series written by women who wanted to post pictures of themselves without makeup to defy societal beauty standards. Next read Beauty 101  + Feed the Facts Dinner. Throughout March I will be touching more on positive body image and sharing my hacks for feeling beautiful even when I don't see it.

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