5 Valuable Ways I Did #PostGradChat Better + Recap

5 Valuable Ways I Did #PostGradChat Better + Recap
#postgradchat with jasmine diane

#PostGradChat was the bomb.com last night. We discussed difficulties that we were facing post grad and dished on surprises that greeted us once we walked across the stage. Everyone had unique takes on post grad life, but nearly everyone was surprised at just how completely wrong we were about what post grad life would consists of. Another common thread was the element of change and realizing that life's journey has paths outlined that we never imagined. To read more juicy details about the chat click here or search #postgradchat on Twitter! 

Emailed my list
I emailed everyone on my email list 10 minutes before #postgradchat started to remind them of the chat. Simple.

Posted to instagram and fb 5 minutes ahead of time
Instead of posting an hour or even 30 minutes before the chat. People forget, so I had to remind them. I can do a better job of actually publicizing the chat before the week that it's going to happen. I've decided to have #postgradchat the 1st Thursday of every month. Creating a schedule and more social pubbing will help bring in contributors. 

Posted in real time with the flow of conversation instead of scheduling tweets
Major key! This one is up to you, but I felt more in control of the conversation and it actually lasted an entire hour instead of 30 minutes like last time. To get the juicy details of last month's #postgradchat and learn how to not suck at twitter chats click here.

Tweeted a couple of people to remind them about the chat
The jury is still out, but I did have 1 participant that I reminded about the chat. It felt great seeing her join since she missed last time. True supporters are hard to come by, so be sure to make people feel included in your twitter chat. I love that people actually looked forward to #postgradchat!

Connected participants with post grad resources and influencers
I wanted to make the twitter chat a resource for recent grads, not a popularity contest or all about my journey. Connecting participants with other influencers was key to RTs, sharing and other engagement with the #postgradchat tag. If nothing else, we sparked interest by engaging with outside sources. It's always great to hear perspectives of others along the same path.

Thank you for reading. For more on post grad life check out my 9 Months Post Grad Post and 25 Things No One Told You About Life After College.

Peace and Love,