How to Slay Day One at an Ad Agency

How to Slay Day One at an Ad Agency

I start my new job this week, like my official first job with salary and benefits. I'm so excited and a little nervous, but happy more than anything to start at my new job. I want to do well with the company, so I've decided to share some of what I've learned in terms of job searching, professional apparel and standing out in the saturated market space for good paying jobs post graduation. Below are my tips for slaying day one at an ad agency. 

Dress the part
What is the company culture like? Do they wear jeans everyday or business suits? Figure it out. Be observant during your interview and creep on the company's social media to see what the attire is. A lot of companies are industry specific so if you cannot figure out what to wear from their social media or observations during your interview, see what people are wearing to work at companies similar to where you're about to start working.


Be yourself
No matter what the company culture is you must be yourself. I'm a hot pink, lime green or all black type of girl. I like to dress up and play with prints, which is perfect for an ad agency. Colors and prints stimulate creativity. I doubt that I will ever wear all black to work unless I'm in mourning for some reason. If you like color, but work in a corporate environment try spicing things up with your lipstick, jewelry or nail polish. 

Do your research
Find out what your coworkers are like. Pay attention to your interviewers and the other people present in the office during your interview. Also, do not be afraid to ask what to wear to work. Guidelines are better than going in blind.

Thank you for reading. What did you wear for your first day at your current gig? Do you feel like dressing the part helps you to do a better job?

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