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How to Maintain a Valuable Brand Being Poor in College

Lifestyle, CareerJasmine Diane
How to Maintain a Valuable Brand Being Poor in College
how to maintain a valuable brand being poor in college

Blogging changed my entire existence and provided me with purpose, yes. But it did not just happen. It has taken a large amount of time, resources, gas and sacrifice to become successful. To whom much is given much is expected, so if you want success you have to be willing to do more than the average person in expectation of nothing. 

The good news is that you can succeed with proper planning, drive and the right information. I've walked in your shoes before and totally understand the whole balling on a budget logic. My goal is to teach other first-generation college girls that they can build successful digital brands without a ton of money. Below I've compiled a list of blog posts filled with tips and tricks for brand building and growth on a college budget.

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