How to Achieve Scary Goals in 2016

How to Achieve Scary Goals in 2016
how to achieve scary ass goals

January is just about over. Have you actually accomplished any of your New Year Resolutions or goals? How's the diet coming? Are you still waking up early to meditate? I sure hope so because honestly this year has already been amazing for me. Do you want success in life after college? That means being intentional with your goal setting, planning, and time management. It's time achieve your scary ass goals! 

How I Set Up My Goals

SOMETHING FORGOTTEN- I never seem to accomplish everything on my To Do List because I forget to take into account the fact that I need breaks and my powers aren't limitless. Basically, sometimes I get tired and need days away from my computer. When creating goals, don't forget to look backward. If something is important to you then pick it back up. I have talked about creating a YouTube channel and book forever, but this year I am really determined to do them both. Sometimes it takes time.

SOMETHING SCARY- Okay so I was afraid to fly in an airplane and free fall out of the sky last year.... until I actually did them. My life is forever changed. This year I want to speak at 3 college campuses to prepare recent graduates for life after college. I'm afraid, but I know that this is a part of my destiny so I'm going for it. If your dreams don't care you then you aren't pushing yourself hard enough.

SOMETHING THAT LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE- Because sometimes we create barriers in our minds. I am daring myself to eliminate mental barriers this year. I have never been lead astray by reaching for the impossible. Take the power that you're giving fear in your life and use it to fuel the impossible. My impossible goal for 2016 is to pay off at least $20k in student loan debt. It sounds impossible, but I have a strategy and budget setup that will work on paper. I have to push myself. If I can do it, then so can you. Doing things that seem impossible break barriers within and for those watching you. So dream big baby girl.

4 Tips for Maintaining Momentum with Scary Ass Goals

  1. Write your goals down

  2. Do research on ways to improve your productivity then implement those strategies

  3. Measure your success

  4. Tell someone close to you your goals

3 Personal Goals for 2016

  1. Pay off 20k in student loan debt (I will track my process once I start to see progress.)

  2. Create workbook (It's coming)

  3. Speak at 3 college campuses (Pitching will start once my re-branding is complete.)

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