Dealing with post grad depression

Dealing with post grad depression

This is the hardest blog post that I have ever written, but here it is. I am suffering from post graduate depression and it sucks. Nobody tells you that after graduation you will more than likely be unemployed or underemployed. Meaning that you will work a job that you hate and are overqualified for. Nobody tells that your "dream job" is going to become hell on Earth. Despite all of this craziness and the depression that sets in somedays, I have never felt more free than I do now.

I graduated from college 8 months ago and it hasn't been a walk in the park, more like a roller coaster with a lot of unexpected turns. The biggest hurdle has become protecting my magic and believing in my dreams. In college, it feels like everyone is working towards being something amazing. It isn't the same once you earn your degree. 

There are 3 major groups of people that you will encounter when you return home after college graduation:
1. High school friends who did not go away for college that you have absolutely nothing in common with
2. Work colleagues who are 5 to 35 years your senior and think of you as a child
3. Your tribe aka the people who bring out your magic

3 ways to deal with post grad depression:
1. Spend time with your tribe aka the people who bring out your magic
2. Journal or blog about your thoughts
3. Meditate or pray

You will make it to greatness no matter what you are going through at this very moment. Graduating from college is something to be proud of and to celebrate. If you're struggling with figuring it out, like the rest of us, just relax and trust your process. I decided to find scriptures about worrying since that is what was causing me to fall into depression about my current life predicament after graduation from college. I hope that it inspires you too.

"Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?" Matthew 6:27 NLT

Thank you for reading. I hope that you were inspired.