Go Blog Social 2015 Recap

Go Blog Social 2015 was like eating a moist piece of lemon cake, drenched in icing with an ice cold glass of milk on a warm summer day! The two-day conference was full of networking, good laughs, inspiring speakers, and tips on how to take blogging more seriously! I needed all of these things! I met some awesome blogger- gals and am looking forward to collaborating with them this year!!
The decor was beautiful! Trapp and Company did a fabulous job with the decorations for the event. I was really excited to meet one of Trapp's marketing directors. She was sweet and honest. I love genuine conversation! I met at least 50 amazing bloggers. Everyone was dressed so stylish + different. I get high off of personal style + trend watching. This whole fashion thing is growing on me now after 4 years of school + 3 years of style blogging! LOL!
Ps. I want to send a huge thank you to Katelyn of Kataline Girl for my ticket! Be sure to check out my Dos and Don'ts for attending blogging conferences here!