3 Things NOT to Do at a Blogger Conference

Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of women with the same passions, drive, interests, and creative desires as you. Everyone in the room is smiling, stylish, approachable, and full of life. Sounds amazing, right? That is exactly what I experienced at this year's

Go Blog Social Conference!

Words cannot describe how much inspiration I left the awesome two-day conference with. This year was amazing, however; last year I did not experience these same feelings so I am going to advice you on


 recapping my fantastic experience at

Go Blog Social 2015


Blogger conference

Blogger conference

Tip #1: Do NOT be afraid to meet new people!

Last year I was so intimidated by the other bloggers that I barely spoke to anyone. I waited for everyone to reach out to me first and missed on what could have been some great friendships or partnerships. You have to really just go for it! 9 out of 10 times the other conference attendees are just as nervous as you! I met at least 50 new bloggers this year!

Everyone was full of passion + stylish, yet so different.

The creative field requires a mixture of energy + differences in views. I was really blown away with the variety of bloggers, style, and branding that I encountered at

Go Blog Social.

The easiest way to NOT be afraid is to speak to people who you're sitting around + who have a very different style than you.

It pays to stop outside of your comfort zone!

Blogger conference

Blogger conference

Tip #2: Do NOT be selfish!

I know how cool your blog is, but you have to give other people time to talk and shine! This is a rule of life really. You can't always be the center of attention. Give other bloggers

genuine compliments

and go to lunch with people that you don't know. Day 1 I ate with

La'Shonda of Fashion Plate KC

and two of her blogger friends! Day 2 I snacked in my car + cleaned up my


(You should go to lunch with new people. I had a headache so I ended up sitting in my car then leaving to go lay down.


) Oh yeah, be sure to get plenty of rest leading up to the conference so that this doesn't happen to you! I would have loved to connect with more awesome ladies!

Blogger conference

Blogger conference

Tip #3: Do NOT feel obligated to change who you are. Be yourself!

Be honest and genuine about who you are and what you do. I met bloggers, marketing executives, graphic designers, teachers, and stay-at-home moms at

Go Blog Social!

Not every blogger is full-time or desires to be, so it is important to make connections for your career + social life. People cannot connect with you if you are not being authentic! It's natural to want to show your strongest qualities + pull out your heels to stand out, but I find that when I'm just being myself I am the most comfortable and less tense. This year I was casual both days in distressed jeans + basic tops.

If heels are your thing, rock them! If you hate makeup, go barefaced! If you're into tattoos, then do a sleeveless top. Whoever you are, own it!

I hope that this post was insightful + rewarding! I truly had an amazing time at

Go Blog Social

by following these rules + packing my business cards. If you don't have business cards then make sure your phone is charged so that you can connect with everyone via social media! That's all folks!


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