Hello Fashion Lovers! This week's interview is with Mr. Bones of BoneHead Clothing Company! Bones was awesome to speak with. He had tons of great business tips and career insight. I really appreciated Bones' love and knowledge of art. It is not everyday that you come across a designer invested or interested in ancient cultures to create fresh, modern looks. I loved the fact that Bones was honest and detailed with his answers. My interview with Bones was chill and very informative. Keep scrolling to read more about Bones of BoneHead Clothing Company.

Where do you work? What is your occupation?

I am a full-time father and worker. I work for Target selling cell phones during the day and I work full-time for myself,



, at night. I am the  founder, designer, and creative director of

BoneHead Clothing Company

. BoneHead Clothing launched on November 29, 2013. My partner and sales representative is Mr. Aaron Jordan. He is more of the suit and tie guy of

BoneHead Clothing.

What was your motivation behind starting

BoneHead Clothing?

My motivation  behind starting BoneHead Clothing was seeing the grind behind other brands.


really inspired me to keep going.


was the first local brand to start and a lot of success. Other designers inspired me as well. Kanye West was also a big motivator for me. I like his style. I love style as a whole and the art of dress. I love the art of fashion. I do not care for labels anymore. I also pulled a lot inspiration from Zummies.

Bones and Aaron Jordan

How would you describe

BoneHead Clothing?

BoneHead Clothing is

a street/urban brand that was cultured by Black history, personal struggles, and culture overall.

BoneHead Clothing

represents home (Kansas City) without being built off of Kansas City.

Where did you get inspiration for the skulls and roses that have become

BoneHead Clothing


The skulls represent a bonehead itself so it made sense. The rose was random. It started as a regular flower and evolved over time.

What is your biggest dream or aspiration?

Farefax, California is my dream of “there.”  I would like to own a store brick-and-mortar storefront. My goal is to send out product to people just so they can wear it to build brand awareness.

What fashion story describes you in a nutshell?

All black, BoneHead t-shirt or hoodie, black or brown with chinos and a top hat, obey hoodie if not my own (

BoneHead Clothing

), boots and no timbs (

Timberland Boots

)! I loves to wear watches and bracelets. In the summer I like to wear loafers. I am not a sneaker head, but I will be at Sneak Fest as a vendor!

What career advice do you have for TheeFashionStories readers?

Do not feel as if money is something that will hold you back or resources. Don’t let resources hold you back from modeling or starting your brand. Where there is a will there is a way. A lot of success and trial and error. “don’t give up.” Use what you have. Network and talk to the right people. Don't be afraid. Invest in yourself because time is your most important asset.

Words of Wisdom.

“It’s not a hustle, it’s a business.” Know how to make your business work for you. As a black man it’s always a little bit different and we don’t have a lot of outlets, but you have to stay focus. Our generation is going to put a positive stamp on Kansas City.

Name a couple of local brands and brand owners that you respect in the fashion industry.

MADE Urban Apparel,

CLVR Threads,

Shawn Riddles, The Front Clothing, and

The Treaty

How can TheeFashionStories readers contact you and purchase

BoneHead Clothing?






Bones thank you for an eye opening interview! I learned a lot about business from our interview. I wish you well with

BoneHead Clothing!

I can't wait to see the new collection this Spring!

Much Love,