DIY: Super Cute Headboard

Are you tired of looking at your same old boring room? Well you can spice it up my adding a super cute and inexpensive headboard. Below I will show you how I took my bed from dull to super cute! This DIY is inexpensive and easy to follow! I will be showing you all more DIYs in the future! Stay tuned!

1. 2 yards of fabric
2. 1 yoga mat
3. Large Fabric Scissors 
4. Hot Glue Gun
5. Glue Sticks
6. Pins
Step 1: Cut your yoga mat 2 inches longer than the width of your bed. 
Step 2: Lay your fabric flat on the floor. Then lay your yoga mat on top of your fabric. Now cut your fabric two inches wider than your yoga mat.
Step 3: Now fold your fabric piece behind your yoga mat and pin your fabric to the yoga mat.
Step 4: Glue your yoga mat and fabric together along the perimeter of the yoga mat.
Step 5: Nail your headboard to the wall. Isn't it super cute? 
(Optional): Add a cute design or trim to your headboard.
Your headboard is super awesome now, right? I love my metallic headboard! I am in the process of revamping my room so I will have tons of DIYs for you guys this year. I have a couple of clothing DIYs for you guys as well. Make sure to stay connected with TheeFashionStories to enjoy everything that is in store!
Much Love,
Jas the Stylist