Stop It With the Selfies!!!

A few days ago I watched this Selfie video by Dove and it really got me thinking about my purpose and self-esteem. I was forced to ask myself a tough question: "Why are you always trying to "measure" up to other women that you see in the media?" On top of that I am taking a Media in Society course this semester and it's opened my eyes to the harmful effects of media on society. Watch this video before you continue reading.

What did you think of the Selfie video? What questions came to your mind after viewing it? Were you touched in anyway? Do you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin? What do you love about your appearance? What is your best feature? What unique aspects of your body are you proud of? Why do you feel inadequate looking at other women/ men in the media?

I know that these are tough questions, but darn it someone needs to ask them! I am sick and tired of people being bullied for being themselves. I am sick of the barriers set by the media that confine society to one standard of beauty. God made everyone different and it's time that we accept that uniqueness is beauty. Who am I to rate the beauty of others? Who are you to call someone else ugly?

I was teary eyed when I finished the video. I began to think about my own views on selfies and myself in general. I know that I am beautiful, but sometimes I don't feel like I am beautiful enough to measure up to other women. I wonder if I'm good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc. That's normal. If you can say that you are proud of who you are, then you are okay. Sometimes we go through low periods and that is okay. But the key is to know that God make you beautifully. He loves those big brown eyes and large thighs.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

I want everyone to stop it with the selfies that focus on being dolled up for everyone else and do it for themselves. If you love makeup then rock it. I personally love to wear MAC mineral powder in the winter months because I have dark spots that I want to cover. I like makeup because it enhances my beauty. This isn't a post to knock beautiful girls, makeup, or weave but this post was created to challenge you to think a little deeper about your next selfie.

A friend of mine posted a photo without makeup and mentioned the #PerfectlyNatural Challenge. The Perfectly Natural Challenge is a campaign that Mary Thushara started a few months ago geared toward women challenging standards of beauty. The women are asked to post a photo of themselves without any makeup. I have decided to join the movement. TheeFashionStories is not only here to give you great fashion tips, but to inspire you! Check me out without makeup on below. I will share a little more about myself when I do the challenge on Instagram.

If you enjoyed this post please comment below. I will be doing more of these types of post in the near future. I feel obligated to help rebuild self-esteems across the world, so here it goes!

Much Love,

Jas the Stylist