4 Rules I Live By

Invest in your craft.

I have made a habit of investing in my crafts. Whatever I do I try to put my all into it. I enjoy many things, but my favorite hobbies are singing, blogging, shopping, and doing a hosts of different arts & crafts projects. It takes money to make money. I started blogging a year and a half ago and I can honestly say when I began to invest more time, money, and effort into my blog is really began to grow. Do not be afraid to be a starving artist. We all have to start somewhere. Put your feet to the plow and never look back! What are your hobbies & interests? Please share.

Spending time alone is good for the soul.

 I started getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks a few months ago. I'm always on edge, always busy, always thinking, so this was how I figured I'd force myself to relax. Once I start making the big bucks I will be going to the spa. Ha. I take out time to do what I love because I value myself. I love myself more than anyone else ever could and I vowed to myself 2 years ago that I could never let myself go again. My "Me Time" is when I get energy and ideas for the week. How do you relax?

Do not settle.

Never ever give up on your dreams. Settling in a relationship, career, family, etc. is slow suicide. You will always wonder "what if?" Stop settling so quickly! Do not give up on yourself. Keeping pushing! I gave up on myself before. I was broken before, ya know like down in the dump? I have seen some pretty dark days, but there was always a fight inside of me. Even when I didn't want to keep going God pushed me & He placed people in my corner who wouldn't let me give up. You have come too far to quit or give up darling! Write down your goals & dreams, then go for it!

Do not be afraid to sparkle.

Sometimes its good to stand out & be the absolute best. Stop apologizing for your success. I know first hand how it feels to be the "good girl." You want to fit in, but God keeps blessing you and pushing you outside of the box. It can be uncomfortable, but He chose you so embrace it. Your successes, triumphs, and joys are reasons to celebrate. Never let anyone ruin your special moments. You can shine and you will shine because you were born to win!

What rules do you live by? How do you relax? Let me guess long, hot bubble baths with candles?

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