Dear Women, Wake Up!

My college educated friends and I enjoying dinner together!

Dear Women,

I am sick and tired of the objectification of women in the media. To be more specific I am saddened that women sell themselves and their self-respect for money. With Mimi Faust's recent sex tape & Rihanna appearing nude on the cover of Lui magazine, there is no wonder that teen girls want to walk around half naked and twerk for YouTube and World Star Hip Hop. We live in a society where page views and likes on a picture are valued over the self-worth and self-respect of the individual. We as successful, educated women, and more specifically women of color, need to share our stories with younger generations to give them something to look up to. We need to inspire our peers and those coming after us. Does anyone out there hear me? Aren't you tired of feeding our future the garbage that the entertainment industry has to offer? WAKE UP!

Sure, not everything in the media is bad. But positive images of strong, confident women are few and far between. When it comes to women of color this number is even lower. I mean even with Scandal and Being Mary Jane the main characters who happen to be black women, can't seem to stop sleeping with married men. Is that the image that we want America to have of us as black women? Is this how far we have come? Black people have such a strong heritage. We were once queens & kings, and it is time that we take back our place. We are worth standing up for and protecting. My young sister you are a queen. Lift your head up and keep those shoulders straight! WAKE UP!

Young girl, your self-esteem is worth lifting and your life is worth saving. Stop letting the media trick you into believing that you are a mere object. There are millions of successful women in society, but we never focus on them. We never take the time out to celebrate them. But as of now, here today I am making it my mission to portray positive images of women on my blog. It is my duty as an advocate for women to showcase the female gender in a positive light.

My mother and father have been my biggest supporters since I can remember. I would not be in college without their support and encouragement. I just want to make them proud. No matter what I need or when I need it I know that my mother & father will go out of their way to make it happen. Black families are thriving and producing successful young entrepreneurs and student. Look at me! I didn't grow up rich monetarily, but I grew up rich in love and support. That's all it takes!

Growing up I had a lot of positive role models in my life outside of my home. My teachers were mostly female, my cheer coach, my aunts, and grandmothers all played a large role in my life. They instilled values into me and it is my duty to do the same for my readers. Maybe you don't have someone to look up to, well you can look to my blog for positive reading. You can check out and as well. Both sites are run by successful college women of color.

Women of Imagery and Show Me Shoes, and Effortless Style by Rena are other successful organizations and businesses run by black women. We as black women are smart, strong, and capable of great things when we work together!

We are all in this fight together. You are beautiful and you are important. Never let anyone tell you anything different. Wake up and embrace the beautiful skin that you are in.

Much Love,