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3 Things You Should Know About #RelationshipGoals

Lifestyle, VDayJasmine Diane
3 Things You Should Know About #RelationshipGoals
#relationshipgoals for Valentine's Day 2017

Relationship goals are a trendy topic, but I've come to the realization that perfect pictures aren't major keys to relationship success. Below are 3 things you should know about #relationshipgoals.

You have to choose someone.

This is probably the simplest dating tip that I have to offer. Sis, you have to make up your mind that you're willing to let someone into your world. I don't mean with just words, but with time and energy. Are you ready to share your hectic schedule with someone else? Is he special enough for you to take time away from your dreams? Because rather you want to admit it or not, you can't have it all. Time you could spend writing content, you'll spend going on dates and sometimes doing nothing at all... just talking and smiling from ear to ear. Dating is about give and take. So again, are you willing to give up time and energy to make this relationship work?

They have to choose you.

If only I could get back the time that I've wasted trying to make past lovers see my value. It took other people pointing out my worth for me to see it, because honestly I didn't value myself for a long time. Sometimes I still struggle with feeling worthy of good that comes my way, but I know in my heart that God made me special and that settles it for me. Even if I never receive another award or compliment, the mere fact that the creator of the universe loves me and sent His son to die for me means that I'm special. If a mere man can't see your worth sis, let it go. I beg you, just let it go. I promise you, someday someone will love you fearlessly and you won't have to worry about their commitment. If you don't feel secure, let it go.

They make you want to be better.

This is very important. Does he make you want to do better at life? I'm not talking about ironing wrinkles out your clothes, but to push you deeper to your goals. Does he make you want to hustle harder? Chase God? Run toward impossible things? That's what you need, someone who pushes you. You want someone who loves God and life even more than you. Run from any man that makes you the center of his universe. That is a burden to heavy to carry. You want a man who has goals and aspirations, so that you can help him achieve them and similarly he should help you with your goals. I can't stress this enough. If you're sharing time and energy with this guy... make sure he's invested into your advancement just as much as he's invested in those accidental booty rubs and kisses. Just saying. LOL

That settles it for me. I hope that this post inspired you. Thanks for reading. Don't forget to check out 3 Mistakes I Made Last Valentine's Day, Single Ladies Guide: Surviving Valentine's Day and 3 Crazy Things to Remember for your First Valentine's Day.

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