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3 Crazy Things to Remember for Your 1st Valentine's Date

LifestyleJasmine Diane
3 Crazy Things to Remember for Your 1st Valentine's Date
3 crazy things to remember for your first valentine's day by fashion blogger, jasmine cooper

Can you believe that January is already gone? 2017 is in full swing and it's almost Valentine's Day. I have butterflies about Valentine's Day this year because it's the first time I've had someone special to share this day with in 3 years. I'm a Valentine's Day lover, so this is big. However, this isn't my first time at the rodeo. Below are things to remember for you 1st Valentine's Day date with the new guy.

He Already Likes You

Sis, if he took the initiative to ask you out then he already likes you. There is absolutely no need to go crazy changing your hair, nails and on a crash diet to be "perfect." He likes you for you or else he wouldn't be spending Valentine's Day with you. Men go after what they want and he's clearing coming after you. Instead of trying to make drastic changes, pay close attention to your diet and water intake leading up to the big date. You don't want to have a major sugar or stress caused breakout on the big date. Relax and slay him like you usually do. I promise, he's just as excited to see you as you are to see him.

Surprise Him

Now that you're comfortable with being your fine self, let's get to your date. What do you plan to do for him? I know that a lot of women use Valentine's Day as a women's holiday. I've been that girl before, not wanting to buy my date anything or go too far. Use Valentine's Day to buy your boo something significant. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful. What does he like to do in his free time? Is he always complaining about a certain thing? Look for everyday ways to surprise him. If you care about this guy and I'm sure that you do... make him feel special, too.

Pamper Yourself

This one is my favorite. You're already comfortable in your skin, plus you've got something special for him and now it's time for the fun part... pampering. Take a few hours to get dolled up. Get a fresh mani and pedi, take a bubble bath and pin your hair up. Sis, you've gotta take some serious time out to listen to music and pamper yourself. I love being pampered, but there is something magical about being in my own space facilitating my own glow up. 

Thank you for reading! Did you learn anything new?

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