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The #1 Reason Your Life Isn't What You Want it To Be

LifestyleJasmine Diane
The #1 Reason Your Life Isn't What You Want it To Be
The #1 Reason Your Life Isn't What You Want it To Be

Can I be honest with you sis? The #1 reason your life isn't what you want it to be is because you're a people pleaser. It's time to admit that you'd rather go crazy making everyone else happy than put hard work into your brand. Don't worry... I'm guilty too at times. 

Stop Overvaluing Other People

I'm guilty of valuing other people's happy over my own because I didn't feel worthy of good things. I'm not singling you out.. but I am calling you out. It is time to do away with overworking yourself with huge tasks for everyone else and ignoring your own happiness. When is the last time that you took a bubble bath? When is the last time that you got a manicure and pedicure?

Shut Down Technology

Sis, make it a point to shut down technology and To Do List at least once a week to read a book. I'm a sucker for a good read and a bubble bath. I wish I knew the importance of self-love in high school and college. I would have saved myself a ton of stress breakouts by simply sitting down somewhere. Nowadays, I make myself read in the morning before I hop onto my computer. I treat my brain to good books and devotionals. I do better with focusing throughout the day when I've started my day with reading.

It's Your Fault

I really can't stress the fact that your life sucks because of you enough. God gives us all free will and its up to us how we spend our time. Do more of what makes you happy even if that means telling people no. Learn how to prioritize your own happiness and you'll sleep better at night. There is so much powering in saying no. I've learned that I am not super woman and that I get tired. I'm learning to be gentle with myself in the following ways:

  • Treating my skin to facial mask because I'm pretty much in makeup 12 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  • Reading books because I stare at the computer screen 24/7
  • Complimenting my body in the mirror instead of critiquing myself 24/7
  • Solo movie dates. ((I started these before I started dating and they still give me liiiiife.))
  • Weekly manis and pedis
  • Clean eating changed the game for me. I used to be the queen of eating out until I realized the effects it was having on my skin and weight. Fresh food goes a long way.

You can never go wrong with shutting out the world and listening to your body.


  1. What is 1 lifestyle change that you can make today to make your life better?
  2. What is your favorite thing about your body?

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