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Why You Need to Remove Yourself from the Noise

LifestyleJasmine Diane
Why You Need to Remove Yourself from the Noise
why you need to remove yourself from the noise by jasmine cooper of

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've posted a new story and I've been nonexistent on social media as well. Why? I'm glad that you asked... I was tired. I never quite figured out how to balance working full-time, blogging, family time and everything else on my plate. I was overwhelmed with all of the commitments that I'd made and honestly couldn't do it anymore. I needed sometime to get back to my why of blogging. I hated feeling like my craft had turned into a chore.

Do you ever get overwhelmed with everything on your plate? I know that I can't be out here alone. The solution is to figure out what really matters to you and your future, not what everyone expects from you. I must admit that I can be a people pleaser. It's hard disappointing people you love even if that means sacrificing your happiness. Why though? Why do I have to shrink for others around me to shine? I don't. Neither do you. Learning to say no and setup boundaries is essential to living a happy life. 

How I Figured Out What Mattered = Taking a Break
For the last two weeks, I was away from social and blogging for the most part. Did I miss it? Yes!!! I really missed sharing my thoughts and engaging with everyone. So I knew, blogging was a part of my future. Speaking of future, during my break I wanted clarity about a situation with a friend of mine and all lights are green. If you can't stop thinking about someone, then they're supposed to be a part of your journey (#IfTheyArentHarmingYou). Next, I knew that I wanted to get from behind the screen and give my readers something tangible. So stay tuned to see what that's about. Below are pictures of people and things that make me smile!

Biggest Takeaway
The biggest takeaway from all of this is that removing yourself from the noise provides clarity. You can't see through the storm while you're in the middle of it. You have to make an honest assessment of your life holistically to get real results. I suggest taking breaks every now and then to ensure you're right where God intends for you to be. Change is good.

What matters to you? Who matters to you? Where do you lose yourself in all of the noise? Rewind and bring that old thing back. You have the power to be everything that you want to be in this life, like now. I promise you that it will be worth it. Stop selling yourself short and be absolutely phenomenal without regrets.

Thank you for reading and rocking with me. Can you relate to needing a break from life? Have you ever been so consumed that you could cry? Share your thoughts below!

Love Always,