Camo + Fringe Sandals + Bliss

Gray GAP t-shirt with camo pants and brown fringe wedge sandals on by jasmine cooper.

My desires are changing and it's a wee bit scary. The more free time I get tot enjoy the more I realize what I've been missing out on by doing so much. It wasn't the work itself, but rather doing things and going into meetings without purpose. Lately, God has been showing me myself and forcing me to drop responsibilities to hear him clearly. So if you've noticed my absence from social media... that's why.

I don't think I've been this happy, ever. For months, I was drowning in my life with meetings, work, blogging, family and my social life. I prayed for clarity and peace of mind and I finally have those things. Peace of mind is priceless and no project could ever pay me enough to take my sanity. If you're feeling overwhelmed, I encourage you to make a list of everything that's on your plate and eliminate 40% of it. I guarantee you that most of it serves you no purpose.

My but was "I'll lose relevance." I couldn't fathom taking time away from my brand,  "The Jasmine Diane." I love my brand and am very proud of what I've built, but I know that there is so much more to my platform that I've yet to tap into because of all of the noise, so for the next couple of months I will be trying  new things. I want to take my brand offline and give people something tangible.

When I started blogging 3.5 years ago, it was fun and without pressure. Social media has changed the game and the blog atmosphere is super competitive. Before I took a break, I found myself comparing myself to other bloggers and influencers across social media. Comparison robs the heart of contentment. When you're always looking at what someone else has you can't focus on the goodness that's inside of you. I promise, ridding yourself of the noise provides clarity and peace and even confidence. Find balance.

Gray GAP t-shirt with camo pants and brown fringe wedge sandals on by jasmine coopoer.
Gray GAP t-shirt with camo pants and brown fringe wedge sandals on by jasmine coopoer.

My smile shines brighter and brighter everyday that I can be myself and love even the rachet parts of myself. I am one person with many facets, but each part serves a purpose. The same goes for you. Tap into who you are and why you were created. God birthed each and every one of us with purpose. Your life matters and your gifts are important. Happiness is within your reach, work for it. 

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