Why I Decided to Merge My Blog and Business

Why I Decided to Merge My Blog and Business

New year, new site. I decided to merge my blog and business because it made sense for my digital brand. It was frustrating trying to separate my blog identity from my personal identity. I want to use this platform to talk about real life issues, not just fashion. Oh yeah, I also got tired of paying for multiple domains. #postgradlife

Clear brand image
I am one person with a lot of interests and talents, but that does not mean that I have to be everything to everyone. Basically, I want to appeal to other first-generation college girls who are interested in style, beauty, and entrepreneurship. I needed a site that showcased my work along with blog posts in order to be seen as an expert on digital branding and web design. 

Providing valuable content
This one is my favorite. This year, I will be sharing content on style, entrepreneurship, goal setting, and travel adventures. I want to tackle my student loan debt and share my natural hair journey as well via YouTube videos. I want people to read my story and feel empowered to not throw in the towel. I am an average girl with big dreams, just like you.

Being true to myself
Guys, I was falling out of love with fashion blogging. The repetition of creating looks, taking pictures, and sharing the links got boring. Style blogging was a great start for me, but three years later my interests have changed and that is okay. 

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